• TorqueLab for Torque 3D

    TorqueLab is an enhanced in-game editor for Torque 3D which provide more features and a more modern interrface.

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  • TorqueLab v0.2 Alpha released as open source +

    We have decided to release our Torque 3D game editor TorqueLab as open source application for the T3D community. The current release is still a very early alpha release but it show where we are going with TorqueLab. The current release is quite stable but it's not recommended to use it as main game editor for your Torque3D project yet, it should be used simply for early TorqueLab testing. So if you are looking for a complete game editor to replace the default T3D editor, you will have to wait for a future release. You can find TorqueLab files and Read More
  • Another fresh start for NordikLab website +

    We have decide to give our website a fresh design with a simplified structure so we can  start sharing about our present works and not worry about the future web contents needs. We do have a big plan for the future but those doesn't belong on our website until something official is made from them. The previous website was used as base for this new one and some features would be reimplemented when the need is there. So for the initial phase of this new website, the content will be quite limited but should grow as we develop new stuff. Read More
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