Merge pull request #2219 from CouleeApps/security-fixes

Authored by Areloch <> on Mar 17 2018, 4:48 AM.


Merge pull request #2219 from CouleeApps/security-fixes

Security Fixes: String Buffers

GitHub <> committed rTORQUE71ac83fc9f64: Merge pull request #2219 from CouleeApps/security-fixes (authored by Areloch <>).Mar 17 2018, 4:48 AM

Merged Changes

6b024b21bfe1Glenn Smith
As suggested, extract strlen calls from sizes into variables so it isn't called… 
Mar 9
ed10ce251175Glenn Smith
A buffer overflow in enumerateConsoleClassesByCategory 
Mar 8
f9c684fb11b3Glenn Smith
Speaking of badly sized mac things 
Mar 8
7fc60fbf59fbGlenn Smith
Better to use strlcat and strlcpy and move them to the cpp file. Provided an… 
Mar 8
cd7908893932Glenn Smith
Let dStrncat use strncat because it's probably set up for that 
Mar 7
963333c583c0Glenn Smith
More cats and cpys in files that xcode doesn't see 
Mar 7
25c25b20b165Glenn Smith
Engine was also using raw strcat/strcpy 
Mar 7
751ccae12dddGlenn Smith
Missed a couple +1s here and there 
Mar 7
a94e0c6d81faGlenn Smith
Cleaning up the checks 
Mar 6
e03a86f75a51Glenn Smith
Actual buffer overflow bug found because of these fixes 
Mar 6
a94587af4337Glenn Smith
Use strncpy instead of strcpy because again, buffer overflows 
Mar 6
1728fe39ad26Glenn Smith
Use strncat instead of strcat to prevent some buffer overflows 
Mar 6
bf408235a827Glenn Smith
Removed unused that has old versions of string functions with no… 
Mar 6