Potential of using Phabricator for Torque 3D developpement
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I really like Phabricator and I think T3D community could benefit from it for developpement as they are no such system used yet allowing to follow the developpement and contribute to planning. I just want to propose to use this installation for Torque 3D developpement planning since it's there already and capable of much more activity as it's used now.

It's just a proposal, if you think it could be good then it's there waiting for people. If not, it still there waiting for TorqueLab release... (Also open to change domains and name accordingly)

Here's some examples uses

Tasks and Bugs tracking

Well, no need to tell more, here's some tasks created for TorqueLab:

Git Mirroring


Similar to Dischord but easy to link to any commit, diff, tasks, file, etc

Other tools

Ponder - Question and answer

Not sure what it does exactly but seem to have potential
Prefs debate


Most wanted feature

Snippets - Sharing script/code



Trello like system that show projects tasks with categorized cards
Phabricator Maniphest Workboard

Embed anything anywhere

with ITEMID you can embed any item. Example Z1 would show TL discussion Z1: TorqueLab Develeopment Discussions
Well just learned that brackets are not even needs, if you time something corresponding to an item, it create the link.

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